Wedding Bouquet Remake Preservation

Brides, if you missed the opportunity to preserve your wedding flowers then I have an idea for you! You may order the same flowers that were in your bouquet from your florist and I can preserve those instead. A few of each of the botanicals is all I need to make a Resin Bouquet re-creation preservation for you.

This is perfect for US brides since fresh botanicals cannot be shipped into Canada.

The steps required to create your Remake Preservation:

  • Pay your $100 deposit.
  • Email me a list of the types of florals and greens your florist used to create your wedding bouquet.
  • I will let you how many of each flower you need to order for your Resin Bouquet remake.
  • You will order and purchase your flowers from your florist.
  • If you are local to me, you will bring me your botanicals and I will dry and preserve them.
  • If you are from the US, you will dry your own flowers and then ship me the dried flowers and I will preserve them in resin for you.

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