Other Custom Flower Preservations

preserved boho roses and orchids bouquet
Special Occasions

Resin preservation is not just for weddings. It would be meaningful to preserve any bouquets that are special to you ~ Anniversary, Birthday, Mother's Day or even flowers from the significant places, people or events in your life. Also, preserving your favourite flowers would be a unique art piece to accent your home decor.

snapdragons and roses preserved in resin
Wedding Already Past?

If you would have liked to preserve your bouquet, a few of each of the loose blooms and leaves from your florist is all we need. If you are not in the Vancouver area, you can order from one of our local florists and save the shipping costs. Also, If your bouquet is already dry and you would like to preserve it, please contact us.

a spring bouqet of daffodils and hyacinths
A Very Special Gift

This is a thoughtful gift for Mom, bridesmaids, flower girls and Grandparents. A resin bouquet would also be a very special wedding gift for the bride herself! Any friend or family member that loves flowers or gardening would appreciate their favorite botanicals preserved in resin as a beautiful keepsake or decor art piece.

How We Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

  • Keep Your Bouquet Cool and Hydrated

    The best results for preserving the most authentic colors, shapes and textures of your flowers is to dry the freshest blooms possible. It is very important that the bouquet is kept cool, hydrated in water and delivered as soon as possible after the wedding or special occasion. Friends or family members can also deliver, ship, or courier the bouquet if you are not available. To aid the flowers to take up more water it is also very helpful to recut the stems. It is important to note that any damage such as wilted, bruised, discolored or crushed petals cannot be reversed in the preservation process. Replacement flowers can be purchased from your florist if some of the blooms are too damaged to preserve.

  • Drying the Most Beautiful Botanicals

    Once the bouquet is received, the best blooms are selected and carefully and individually dried in silica gel. Depending on the size and thickness of the florals, this can take aproximately 2 weeks. Some colors tend to change, darken, lighten or become translucent in the drying and resin process. This is completely normal and is especially apparent in pink, red and white botanicals. Once dry, a creative design is made in a mold and an image will be emailed for consideration and approval.

  • Pouring the Resin

    The next step is pouring the resin. Over a number of days, many fine layers are very carefully poured over the delicate floral ingredients. Each layer of resin must set before the next layer is poured. As this is handcrafted art, some micro bubbles and small imperfections are expected. The resin is generally poured to aproximately 1.50 inches in depth. Any blooms that are deeper than 1.50 inches will be covered in resin to protect the blooms, but will not be submerged under the resin. This produces a stunning three dimensional effect!

  • Drying and Curing

    Last of all is the time it takes for your art piece to dry. Approximately 10 days are needed to ensure that it is completely hardened and cured. The entire process takes aproximately 4 weeks in total, at which time you can expect to receive your preserved bouquet treasure. All resin art is non-toxic, and produces no VOCs or fumes. Please keep your resin art away from direct sunlight as you would with any piece of art. Some yellowing may occur over time.

a beautiful wedding bouquet of pink lilies and white roses

Our Products

an elegant bouquet of preserved white roses

9in Round $285

late summer bouquet of zinnias and delphiniums

8in Square $285

coasters of preserved dahlia petals and feverfew flowers

6 Coasters $60

Ringholder $60