3D Resin Flower Frame

Preserve your Bouquet in our 3D Resin Flower Frame

You can now display your bouquet as a framed art piece on your wall!!

There are two sizes to choose from:
9x 12 in ~ perfect for a few flowers.
11 x 14 in ~ This frame will beautifully showcase all the different varieties of flowers in your bouquet.

Your bouquet will be dried, pressed and creatively arranged on a black background to make all your colors pop. Depending on the variety, some will be pressed flat and others will be 3D. This gives a lovely, unique floral sculpture look to your Frame. Instead of glass, your flowers are covered with Resin to ensure that the texture, form and colors of your flowers are protected.

If you are dropping off your bouquet locally, you may see all of our products and frames in person, so you can decide which preservation method suits your needs and decor the best.

Resin Flower Frame